Malnove of Utah Receives Two Awards for Outstanding Safety Practices

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Posted September 6, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that our Utah location has been honored with not one, but two prestigious awards for its exceptional dedication to safety in the workplace. Company-wide, safety is our top priority; we are committed to ensuring our employees and customers are always in a safe environment and we are honored to be recognized by our team’s efforts in the safety of all involved. At Malnove, we firmly believe that safety is not a matter of chance but rather a conscious responsibility that we prioritize.

The first accolade comes from the Utah Manufacturing Association as part of their annual recognition program. Malnove of Utah has been awarded the UMA’s coveted Award of Safety Excellence in recognition of its dedication to maintaining a safe and secure work environment for its employees. To be considered for this award, our Utah facility had to maintain an incidence rate lower than the national average for the packaging industry and have a safety and health program in place.

The second award, bestowed by the Utah Safety Council, is the Perfect Record Award. The Utah Safety Council, a chapter of the nation’s leading safety advocate, The National Safety Council, is a trusted and leading advocate for safety in various industries. Malnove of Utah was recognized for having a perfect safety record in the 2022 year with no safety recordables.

“Here in Utah, we are extremely proud to be recognized by two manufacturing groups, The Utah Manufactures Association along with the Utah Safety Council for our outstanding safety record in 2022,” said Gerald Cook, Plant Manager of Malnove of Utah. “Our Team of dedicated professionals really worked hard to make this accomplishment a reality. Their focus, commitment to communication, and desire was the real highlight to this accomplishment.”

We demonstrate our commitment to safety in the following ways:

  • Safety Initiatives:
    • Monthly safety walks led by management
    • Proactive hazard identification
  • Culture of Safety:
    • Contests to encourage associate participation in weekly PARs (Preventative Action Reports)
    • Collection of reports to identify safety protocol gaps
    • Prompt addressing of identified issues for continuous improvement
  • Injury Prevention:
    • Onsite physical therapists for new hire evaluations
    • Injury-avoidance training
    • Establishment of long-term associate-physical therapist relationships
  • Reinforcing Safety:
    • Monthly safety meetings across all plants facilitated by dedicated volunteers
    • Platform for idea sharing, expressing concerns, and enhancing safety practices

All Malnove locations are unwaveringly committed to adopting a safety-first approach, ensuring that safety remains at the forefront. At Malnove, we firmly believe that a comprehensive and proactive approach to safety is essential for the well-being of our associates and the success of our organization. Our emphasis on safety measures, continuous improvement, and proactive safety initiatives has been proven by our status as a leader in the paperboard packaging industry.

Pictured from Left to Right: Robert Palma, Jordan Little, Ken Weaver, Daniel Jastrom, Tyler Wheeler, Angie Van Roekel

Pictured from Left to Right: Richard Madsen, Robert Palma, Tyler Wheeler, Shane Beard, Guadalupe Ojeda, Bryanna Jastrom, Angie Van Roekel, Mai Lee

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