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Building a Sustainable Future Together

Sustainable Packaging Solutions Since 1948

You deserve a folding carton packaging supplier that cares about sustainable packaging as much as you do.

As members of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC), we have a responsibility to prioritize sustainability and create solutions that benefit our customers (that’s you!) and the environment.

Let our expertise in the consumer, retailer, and CPG spaces give you a headstart in sustainably getting your products onto shelves and into consumer’s homes. 

Sustainable Practices = Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable practices build sustainable businesses that empower sustainable communities. With Malnove, you will have a sustainable partner who:

Aims to obtain Zero Waste Certification in all Malnove facilities by 2025

Diverts over 14,000,000 pounds of paperboard from landfills through a proven recycling program

Utilizes a comprehensive Sustainability Reporting Tool for freight and utility usage

Reduces our consumption of natural resources by installing more efficient equipment

Lowers our Carbon Footprint by optimizing transportation, purchasing renewable energy credits, and investigating renewable energy

Actively engages with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition to understand and influence best practices

Manages the Malnove Tree Farm to further our sustainability mission

Proudly is Chain of Custody Tri-Certified with SFI, FSC, and PEFC accreditations!

How Can We Help You Create Sustainable Packaging?

We do the research to provide the sustainable solutions customers and consumers want.

Let us help you meet your goals. Schedule a call today for a sustainable packaging evaluation or to hear about current sustainability trends.

We can assist with:

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Challenge us with your packaging needs, improve your performance, and make your business thrive!

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