Frequently Requested Solutions

Odds are you aren’t alone with the packaging problem you’re facing. Learn more about the solutions we’re creating to solve problems just like yours.

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability is a broad subject that can be difficult to navigate. Let us simplify this topic and create packaging solutions that move you closer to your goals.

Start Here

Take advantage of our expertise and resources in all areas of sustainability. We can help you decipher industry goals, retailer expectations, and consumer demands. Here are some resources to get you started.

Work with Malnove

We’ll evaluate your current packaging and develop a sustainable solution that meets your consumer and retailer needs, with the supporting data, certifications, and claims. 

We Understand
Replacing plastic packaging comes with unique requirements (like barrier properties and distribution). We’ve been working hard to help customers reduce and eliminate plastic, and we feel confident we can help you reach your goals.

Alternative Distribution Channels

E-commerce and direct-to-consumer sales have taken off recently. Let us guide you to the right packaging solutions to take advantage of these growing markets.

Trust Our Team

Our talented group of designers and engineers are familiar with these requirements, such as Amazon’s APASS standards. Schedule a call to learn more.

Work Together
We’ll work with you to understand your product, package, and consumer requirements. Then, we’ll use our extensive testing capabilities to ensure the solution meets these needs.

Connecting with Retailers and Consumers

Differentiating your packaging can help you sell more product. Lean on us to develop packaging that meets retailer needs and makes your product more appealing to the consumer.
Utilize our design and engineering team 

to improve open/reclose , intergrate pour spouts, improve pantry management, and reduce consumer frustations. See our patented designs.

We will help you 

drive multiple store placements and channels through:

  • understanding retail channels and their individual needs
  • access to interactive virtual/planograms shelf-set images
  • developing creative solutions with robustness, shelf ready capability, and product security 
Utilize our design and engineering team

to create a shape unique to your brand (photos of different shapes). Then choose from a variety of unique commercialized and experimental inks and coatings to improve your shelf appeal.

Optimizing Materials and Packaging

Optimization is a key factor in packaging development. From functional performance to global paperboards our independence lets you identify better materials that meet your needs and drive out cost.
Global Supply Chain 

Our global supply chain offers a vast selection of virgin and recycled paperboards from the US, South America, Europe, and Asia. Our technical team will assess and recommend a paperboard based on performance, cost, and sustainability profile. Whatever your needs, we have a paperboard solution for you.

Many Options
We have many options available to help optimize your packaging and reduce costs without changing the overall look of your carton. Let’s chat to see how much we can save you!

We have commercialized different packages with barriers for grease, water, oxygen, water vapor, etc. Send over your product requirements and we’ll help you commercialize a solution for your specific product.

Challenge us with your packaging needs, improve your performance, and make your business thrive!

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