Malnove of Jacksonville Continues to Grow with Building Expansion

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Posted April 9, 2024

We are thrilled to announce Malnove’s continued growth through the expansion of our Jacksonville building. The new bailer building, a facility designed to elevate our in-house bailing capabilities, will aid in increased capacity and, with this new addition, we anticipate separating and bailing an impressive 99% of our own paperboard scrap. This venture is set to redefine our operations, marking a significant stride towards a more sustainable and efficient approach to recycling.

The new bailer building boasts advanced systems that that allow us to continue to separate different grades of paperboard on a much larger scale. This strategic feature ensures that each type of paperboard can be recycled in its purest form, maximizing the value and minimizing economic impacts.

A key highlight of our new system is the reduction in labor requirements, both at Malnove and at the recycling center. By embracing automation and efficiency, we are not only streamlining operations but also reducing our carbon footprint. This aligns with our vision of environmentally sustainable practices and responsible resource management.

In addition to its environmental benefits, the new bailer building serves as a fail-safe mechanism. Equipped to keep operations running smoothly even during downtime in our current bailer system, it underscores our dedication to reliability and consistency in our recycling processes.

Beyond operational enhancements, the new bailer building provides much-needed additional storage space. This capacity supports our commitment to innovation and growth, offering the flexibility needed to adapt to evolving market demands.

Our investment in the new bailer building expansion project reflects our unwavering dedication to sustainability, efficiency, and staying at the forefront of industry advancements. As this project takes shape, we anticipate improving capacity while taking the next step in our commitment to sustainability in manufacturing. We look forward to the positive impact this expansion will have on Malnove and our ongoing growth.

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