Paul Malnove Award of Excellence Inaugural Winners

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Posted March 28, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Paul Malnove Award of Excellence Program. This annual recognition is a testament to our commitment to acknowledging and celebrating the exceptional achievements of our employees who consistently go above and beyond in their roles. Our founder, Paul Malnove, was not just a leader in our industry; he was a visionary whose dedication to excellence continues to inspire us all. Through this award, we pay homage to his memory and his unwavering pursuit of excellence.

The Paul Malnove Award of Excellence is not just about acknowledging outstanding performance; it’s about celebrating the spirit of leadership, innovation, and collaboration that drives our organization forward. It’s about recognizing those among us who embody the values and principles that Paul Malnove himself stood for.

Winners of the 2023 Paul Malnove Award of Excellence and the Malnove Executive Team; Pictured from left to right: Eric Malnove, Scott Jones, Jon Vanderheiden, Kari Narduzzo, Brian Brainard, Dale Houck, Dan Goodrich, Tom Williams, Duane Craig, and Brandan Kitt

Brian Brainard, Supply Chain Manager

Brian Brainard has been a valued member of Malnove for over 21 years. Transitioning from a career in sports information and communication, Brian’s perseverance led him to many roles within Malnove including Planning Manager, Plant Manager, Supply Chain, and Supply Chain Manager where he currently serves.

Colleagues and company leadership applaud Brian for his unwavering commitment to success and his instrumental role in driving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in the 2023 year. As Ben Houser, Supply Chain Director noted, Brian “never settles for average and is willing to do whatever is needed to ensure Malnove succeeds.” Brian’s strategic initiatives, such as implementing block scheduling, creation of a new forecast model, sales budget creation, and optimizing supply chain processes, have yielded significant reductions in Finished Goods inventory levels and increased customer coverage. These accomplishments, along with countless others, reflect his remarkable contributions to the company’s success and innovation, and demonstrate his relentless pursuit of excellence, just like Paul Malnove.

Dan Goodrich, Sales Account Manager

Having closely observed Paul Malnove’s work ethic and personal touch with employees, Dan has adopted core principles of persistence, aggressiveness, hard work, and effort crucial to Malnove’s success. His 2023 accomplishments reflect these values, with significant sales growth and forging strong business relationships that led to notable account expansions. Dan’s unwavering dedication is evident in his proactive approach to exploring new opportunities and consistently delivering outstanding results. Dan credits much of his success to the great Malnove team he works with every day and is extremely thankful for all their support.

Dan’s impact extends beyond sales success as he displayed exceptional efficiency in managing receivables and customer relations. His proactive stance with challenges demonstrates his resilience and strategic judgment in navigating complex business scenarios. Recognized by colleagues for his diligence, focus, and ability to handle any challenge with precision, Dan exemplifies the spirit of excellence embodied by Paul Malnove, making him a deserving recipient of this prestigious award.

Duane Craig, Printing Manager

Duane’s journey to Malnove, marked by a serendipitous encounter with owner Paul Malnove, reflects a deep connection to the company’s values of a family focused approach and unwavering dedication to employee well-being. A testament to Duane’s exceptional qualities is his proactive approach towards challenges and continuous improvement. His role in overseeing the 2023 successful installation of a new press and the implementation of color control systems on existing equipment highlights his tenacity, skill, and innovative thinking.

Duane’s relentless work ethic, hands-on approach, and ability to foster a culture of accountability and innovation make him a pivotal figure in Malnove’s success story. His achievements in 2023, from spearheading major installations to championing training initiatives and system improvements, showcase his exceptional contributions to the company’s growth and operational efficiency. By pushing boundaries and driving manufacturing excellence at Malnove, Duane not only excels in his leadership capacity but also inspires his team to strive for their best performance every day.

Jon Vanderheiden, Graphic Coordinator

Jon has used his background in farming, computer repair, and mechanical skills to excel at Malnove over the past 10 years. His ability to connect with people and learn from his team members has propelled him through various roles within the company, culminating in his current position as Graphic Coordinator in the prepress department. Aligning perfectly with Malnove’s core values of Service and Family, Jon consistently goes above and beyond to assist both internal and external customers. Described as reliable, proactive, and eager to assist others, he embodies the value of service excellence.

In 2023, Jon’s contributions were instrumental in leading the team to success. His technical knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and meticulous attention to detail have made him a go-to resource for complex challenges within the department. His unwavering dedication to meeting tight deadlines and ensuring top-quality results exemplifies the spirit of the Paul Malnove and he carries on Paul’s legacy by challenging others to be their best and fostering a supportive work environment akin to a family.

We recognize the value that these associates have brought to Malnove and continue to provide every day and are eager to honor future Paul Malnove Award of Excellence winners.

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