Providing Stability During Market Changes

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Posted February 5, 2024

As we enter 2024, the paperboard packaging industry is experiencing significant shifts including recent announcements on paperboard price increases, fluctuations in protective packaging products, and plant closures. Given that paperboard constitutes 33% of globally packaged items, making it the most widely used packaging material worldwide, these industry changes have far-reaching implications across sectors such as food and beverage, cosmetic and personal care, pharmaceuticals, and many other consumer goods industries.

Numerous paperboard converters have announced price increases for specific boxboard grades, citing increased costs in raw materials such as Uncoated Recycled Board (URB), Coated Natural Kraft (CNK), and Coated Recycled Board (CRB). The industry at large has witnessed challenges, including layoffs and plant closures across the country. Amidst these challenges, Malnove remains resilient, steadfast in navigating the evolving market conditions and ensuring our continued strength and stability in the face of industry-wide changes.

At Malnove, we recognize the importance of fostering stability in these dynamic conditions. Our commitment to our customers is demonstrated through open communication and transparency regarding industry shifts. By understanding their unique needs, we can tailor our solutions to provide the highest level of support and adaptability. Moreover, our flexible manufacturing processes enable us to adapt swiftly to market fluctuations. Effective inventory management further ensures that we can navigate fluctuations with resilience, maintaining a reliable supply chain for our customers. In a landscape marked by change, our dedication to customer collaboration remains unwavering.

Malnove’s long-term relationships with both domestic and international paperboard mills continue to be the defining factor in bringing value and stability to our customers. Our commitment to stability is evident in our strategic approach of sourcing both domestic and offshore board, ensuring the continuity of supply. This diversified sourcing strategy enables us to offer our customers a wide range of board options, providing the opportunity to select the most suitable paperboard for their specific needs and budget. For over 75 years, Malnove’s diverse strategies have continued to provide a stable and reliable supply chain for our valued customers.

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