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Malnove’s Supply Chain Department: Transforming Paperboard Management and Embracing Sustainability

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Posted November 2, 2023

Malnove’s Supply Chain department has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2021. Initially consisting of just two dedicated members, our team has expanded into a strong force, covering various aspects of the supply chain such as demand planning, procurement, capacity management, packaging engineering, and sustainability. Our main goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing efficient inventory management solutions, innovative paperboard options, and robust support for their packaging and sustainability needs.

At the heart of our Supply Chain team are two skilled Demand Planners. These experts keep a close eye on Malnove’s customers’ inventory, both Finished Goods and Paperboard. This strategic approach helps us maintain optimal levels of paperboard at our production facilities, ensuring we can meet every customer’s order demands without running out of products. “In times of crisis, supply chains are the lifelines that connect us all. It’s incredible to see the level of growth we achieved from the inception of this team through the COVID-19 Pandemic,” shared Marco Lopez, Demand Planner. “We demonstrated professionalism, perseverance, and provided actionable solutions during a challenging time for our company. I am proud of the work we have accomplished, and I look forward to continuing the legacy of pride, family and service to our customers.”

In addition to demand planning, the team has also introduced block scheduling for our clients, giving them consistent monthly run schedules. This predictability empowers our customers, providing them confidence in press time availability, order placement, and timely carton deliveries. Additionally, we manage the important relationship with the outbound freight provider, handling any custom freight requirements efficiently.

Our Supply Chain team offers a helping hand to customers with diverse paperboard needs. Since Malnove sources from paperboard from several suppliers, we have the flexibility to source paperboards from both domestic and international mills. This ensures that our clients get paperboards customized for their specific applications, supported by our team’s extensive knowledge in board substitutions.

The Supply Chain team is also focused on helping our customers meet their sustainability goals for their paperboard packaging.  Matt Dillon, packaging engineer, is heavily focused on sustainability and is a go-to resource for our customers.  As a company, we actively participate in the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and are members of the Supplier Leadership on Climate Transition. Our manufacturing plants are working hard to achieve TRU certification for zero waste, having already completed several projects to enhance energy efficiency. The entire Malnove team is committed to helping our clients transition from plastic packaging to eco-friendly paperboard solutions and explaining the environmental benefits of fiber-based packaging.

At Malnove, we are dedicated to providing our customers with value beyond just packaging. Our skilled and committed Supply Chain team ensures our customers’ needs are met with expertise and care, making sure they receive high-quality products on time.

Challenge us with your packaging needs, improve your performance, and make your business thrive!

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